Why Is the Range Hood Dripping Water?

Why Is the Range Hood Dripping Water?

The range hood dripping water is very abnormal, several factors will cause the range hoods to leak, and the range hood will continue to leak if you don’t fix those problems. So the range hood will present an unbearable and unhealthy environment where the range hood is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment. Therefore, you must know what causes the range hood to drip.


Reasons for range hood dripping water and how to deal with them

The ductwork problem

The range hood is usually caused by the backflow of rain and snow at the exhaust duct, and you can go outside to check if the ductwork is well installed. If the position of the exhaust duct is unsuitable, the rainwater will flow back through the exhaust duct when it rains, and the range hood will drip. After the snow falls in winter, the snow accumulated in the exhaust duct will turn into water and flow back to the duct. And if you are using the range hood for a long time, aging and rotten the duct will also cause this problem. If there is a problem with the direction of the duct, add a rain cover or lower the rain cover to prevent leaking.

And during cooking, it will produce vapor smoke sucked up by the range hood and forced out through the ducting. When the ducting activity isn’t conducted correctly, the steam accumulates as water, then the range hood leaking water. In addition, insufficient suction from the exhaust fan could lead to improper ducting activities.

Obstacles in the ductwork

This is another reason that is likely the cause of the range hood leaking; it occurs when the normal functioning of the ductwork is disrupted. For example, grease accumulates in the ductwork for an extended time and creates a complex state. It causes a blockage in the ductwork. Again, many birds make their haunts towards the outward wind, which can cause obstructions. These obstructions create various problems, including leakage in the ductwork pipe. As a consequence, the range hood will leak water. Furthermore, if the ductwork ceiling has a defect installation, water may enter from the roof through that hole.

Difference temperature

Due to the different temperatures of steam between hot and cold, the vapor will gradually condense in the ductwork of the range hood, which drips down as a level of water from being frozen. During frigid weather, this problem is more noticeable. These steamy, hot winds in the duct are responsible for this problem on cold days. 

The automatic cleaning function goes wrong

If your range hood has an automatic cleaning function, it may also be the reason for the dripping. Check the automatic cleaning is well functional, or call the brand’s appliance maintenance to check and fix it.


It can be annoying when your range hood drips water, and not easy to fix the problem, and you might find it’s challenging to locate and solve the problem. There are some quick ways you can stop the dripping. 

  1. Check if there is any blocking in your range hood.
  2. Make sure that nothing obstructs the exhaust pipe’s airflow near where it enters the wall cavity.
  3. Ensure that there aren’t any cracks or holes on either side of your range hood.

These could cause condensation to form inside the range hood, which would then drip out onto surfaces below. I hope you find this information helpful.


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