Outdoors Water Heaters

This portable gas water heater delivers instant hot water at a low 15kPa start-up, the flame failure and over-heating protection prioritize safety. With 11.5% energy-saving technology, it efficiently heats water on demand, reducing gas consumption. Its digital screen display allows for precise temperature control, making it perfect for RV Camping. Easy installation is guaranteed with provided kits, including an AGA-approved gas regulator and shower head.

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Just perfect for a shower

🔗BE158S Water Heater


"Cold or hot, it just works! Fast to heat up, easy to use, easy to install, lately used as a morning shower not just before / after the sauna - in these weathers a real relief!"

By Tuomo Stauffer

Nice unit for the cost

🔗BE158R Water Heater


"Worked perfectly for camping super hot water I usually have to go from coldest setting is hot enough this thing can work in snow so it does get a lot hotter if needed I am very glad I went with this purchase it’s worth every penny as a camping must!!! "

By Remilekun Opeyemi

It’s functional, working great!

🔗BE158 Water Heater


"Are use this product in my backyard garden, and I happy to use it."

By Arianna Kagambira

Game changer

🔗BE158R Water Heater


"Game changer for heating your pool! Easy installation and operation. No need for electrical outlets because the D battery ignites the heater."

By Ben Gusikowski