Things to Consider When Purchasing an Induction Cooktop

Things to Consider When Purchasing an Induction Cooktop

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GASLAND induction cooktop is a common cooking ware in modern families. And induction cooktops have different functions, size, and cooking zones. So how to choose an induction cooktop , and what features need to be considered?

Glass Plate

The glass plate is the core component of the induction cooktop and is also the most expensive part of the entire induction cooktop.

Microcrystalline Panel:

It is a black microcrystalline panel mixed with ceramic and glass particles, fired at high temperature, and crystallized. It is characterized by high strength, no radioactive pollution, smooth surface, and is easy to scrub. This kind of panel is rarely used in induction cooktop panels. Some businesses are named after their craftsmanship.

Black Crystal Panel:

A good black crystal panel has the characteristics of high density, high strength, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, strong thermal conductivity, not easy to yellow, not easy to break, smooth and textured surface, and easy to clean. It is also currently the main material for induction cooktop panels. 

The Coil

An induction cooktop contains a coil of copper wire underneath the ceramic plate. It can transfer electrical energy into a metal vessel, and the current flowing through the pot's base produces heat. The number of coil layers: the double-layer coil is better than the single-layer coil.

And coil material is made of pure copper, the efficiency is higher, and the service life is long.

Heat dissipation

induction cooktop cooling channel: Dual-channel air paths, hot and cold air isolation, implicit turbine cooling, etc. The performance difference on the air path is not very large.

Fan: The main function is to reduce the temperature inside the induction cooktop and increase the service life of the components. Choose an induction cooktop with a large fan, low running noise, and large exhaust air volume.

Number of the Cooking Zones & Size of the Cooktop 

The cookware size needs to match the induction cooker size for maximum efficiency. And large cooking zones usually have a diameter larger than 21cms for efficient handling of larger cookware. 

You need to double-check the induction cooker size you need, if the cookware is smaller than the pot size, it won't be detected, and the induction cooktop won't start heating the pot. 

The working voltage of the one zone induction cooktop is 120V-280V, and the common one is 1900W-2200W, which is widely used. And cooking zones in most cooktops are defined and have clear guidance for the size of cookware suitable for particular zones. Choose an induction cooktop with an extra-large, flexible and small cooking zone, it has better matched to a variety of cookware sizes.

Other things to consider

The heating principle of the induction cooktop is to use alternating current to generate a magnetic field through the coil, and the generated magnetic field force is attracted by the bottom of the iron/stainless steel pot through the panel to form an infinite loop of eddy current electric circuit to heat the food.

Heat adjustment: The induction cooktops on the market have multi-stage heat control, and the induction cooktop with a temperature sensor and chip is more accurate in temperature control. 

Safety protection: anti-low temperature, anti-dry burning, anti-leakage, anti-clogging, and waterproof performance.

The power: the highest power is 3000W. For one person, 1600-1800W is enough, and a family of 3-4 people can choose 2100W-2200W.

These are the main features of choosing an induction cooktop. Hoping this can help you choose a suitable induction cooktop for your kitchen.


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