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Easy use!

🔗IH77BF Induction Cooktop


"Nothing to dislike about it. State of the art. Super clean look. Super easy and safe to use. I haven't read the instructions yet and already know how it works. Consumer friendly! Love it."

By Emilie Feest

Awesome cooktop for the price!!!

🔗CH77BF Ceramic Cooktop


"For the price, this is worth 9 stars. I was able to install this myself with ease and it works great. The buttons can be a little sensitive while cooking but I love the flexibility of the different range sizes. I’m very pleased with this cooktop."

By Lola Elizabeth

Just perfect for a shower

🔗BE158R Water Heater


"Cold or hot, it just works! Fast to heat up, easy to use, easy to install, lately used as a morning shower not just before / after the sauna - in these weathers a real relief!"

By Tuomo Stauffer

Nice unit for the cost

🔗BE158S Water Heater


"Worked perfectly for camping super hot water I usually have to go from coldest setting is hot enough this thing can work in snow so it does get a lot hotter if needed I am very glad I went with this purchase it’s worth every penny as a camping must!!! "

By Remilekun Opeyemi

Game changer

🔗BE158R Water Heater


"Game changer for heating your pool! Easy installation and operation. No need for electrical outlets because the D battery ignites the heater."

By Ben Gusikowski

It’s functional, working great!

🔗BE158 Water Heater


"Are use this product in my backyard garden, and I happy to use it."

By Arianna Kagambira