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How to Clean an Angled Range Hood

After using the angled range hood, we need to clean it in time, daily simple surface cleaning and deep cleaning within a specific time. The range hood will have a higher extracting rate in a well-clean condition. If the hood is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the fumes extracting function. So let's learn how to clean the angled range hood.

Regular Cleaning

For regular cleaning, you just need to clean the surface and central exterior of the angled range hood, which is generally easier to clean. Apply a wet wipe with detergent, scrub the main body of the range hood, and then wipe it with a clean wet rag. And remember to use hot water, it has an excellent degreasing effect.

Deep Cleaning

First and foremost, before cleaning the range hood, be sure to unplug the power supply. And during the cleaning process, water should not enter the motor and electrical parts, which may easily damage the range hood. And the following points are the steps of deep cleaning an angled range hood.

  1. Separation plate removal and cleaning

Remove the separation plate of the angled range hood, spray the cleaning detergent on the separation plate, and pay special attention to dead areas, surface, bottom, and gaps that need to be taken care of. After spraying the detergent, place it for about ten minutes, and the oil stains gradually emulsify and start to fall off. Next is to wipe the plate with hot water; the oil stains that have wholly fallen off will be washed away with hot water. Remember not to use cold water; cold water can not wholly remove grease stains.

  1. Blower cleaning

Next is to remove the blower from your range hood, and the fan should be handled with care. Otherwise, it will be easily deformed. First, you need to remove the fan blade cover, and then you'll see a nut securing the fan blade in place. Use the screwdriver or drill to loosen it. Then Remove the fan blades. Make sure you can identify which fan you removed from the right side of the hood and which fan you removed from the left side. The fans are directional, so they will only work when installed on the correct side. Soak the fan blades in warm, soapy water. And if they are dishwasher-safe, run them through a cycle in your dishwasher. Dry the fan blades with a towel, or leave them dry in the air. And when you finish cleaning other parts of the cooker hood, reinsert the fan blades and reattach the fan blade covers; insert the blower back into your range hood.

  1. Filter Cleaning

Remove the filter from the range hood, soak it in warm water mixed with neutral detergent for 5-10 minutes, and then brush the gaps with a brush. Clean the oil stains and wipe the filter with a dry rag. And if they are dishwasher-safe too, just put them in your dishwasher. When reinstalling, remember to check the filter is in the right place.

  1. Clean the oil storage box

The oil storage box is straightforward to clean, remove the box and clean it with detergent. If you feel it is too troublesome to clean frequently, you can put a layer of plastic wrap on the oil storage box so that when there are oil stains, you only need to remove the plastic wrap, which is very convenient.

So these are the daily cleaning and deep cleaning process for angled range hoods. Hope you can follow these instructions to make your range hood pristine.

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