All GASLAND products purchased from GASLAND Official Chanel ( come with comprehensive 2- year warranty from the date of purchase. The customer must provide the invoice or order number to register the warranty service. From the 90 days onwards, the buyer has the obligation to prove that the defect was already present at the time of delivery.

Warranty Coverage

During the warranty duration, any operational malfunctions resulting directly from manufacturing or material defects after proper installation, handling, and adherence to the authorized GASLAND installation guidelines and operational manuals, will be covered.
Tempered glass and paint damages are only covered by this factory warranty if they are reported to our customer service within 7 days after delivery of the GASLAND product. Customers are required to submit photos of both the entire package and the affected parts to substantiate claims of damage caused by the carrier during transit.
Warranty claims don't extend product or new part warranties; replaced parts become GASLAND property.

    Exclusions from Warranty Coverage

    • External chemical or physical influences occurring during transportation, storage, installation, or usage (e.g., damage from overflowing food, condensation water, overheating).
    • Damage to the package box that doesn't impact the product doesn't qualify as a quality defect.
    • Selection of an incorrect size.
    • Non-observance of our installation and operating instructions, the applicable general and local building regulations of the responsible authorities, and electricity supply companies.
    • Unusual voltage fluctuations compared to the standard voltage of electrical appliances.
    • Improper equipment operation, overload leading to equipment overheating, mishandling, inadequate maintenance, insufficient cleaning of equipment or its components, and the use of inappropriate cleaning agents (refer to the manual instruction).
    • Internal rust formation within the product is caused by moisture. We are not liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the products. This includes room contamination resulting from the breakdown of organic dust components.

    Claims procedure

    To initiate a warranty claim, please contact our customer service team at and provide the following information:

    • 1. Proof of purchase: Order number and Product serial number
    • 2. Detailed description: Provide a detailed description of the defect or problem encountered.
    • 3. Supporting documentation: Attach clear images or videos that illustrate the problem.

    Limitations and Discretion

    GASLAND reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, the validity of a warranty claim. If the removal of a defect is not covered by our warranty, the end user must pay the costs of the repair and exchange.

    If you have any questions or make a warranty claim, please contact our customer service team at