Upgrading Your Kitchen To Look More Expensive

upgrading your kitchen to look more expensive

There’s no denying a kitchen is one of the most integral parts to a home. It’s also a major player in the overall resale value, so keeping it up to pace with the market is important. One way to revive your kitchen is giving extra attention to your countertops. There’s plenty of opportunity to enhance the ambiance while remaining within a budget.

Declutter and Organize. When styling your kitchen, remember it should look welcoming and lived in. Avoid a personalized or cluttered appearance. Above all else, make sure those countertops are sparkling clean.

Minor Remodels. A built-in appliance will free up counter space in a practical way, so plan your appliance setup when possible. Try out quartz for a countertop material, it’s modern and durable without a steep price difference. Make sure to match your countertop color with your cabinets. A kitchen with white cabinets will look better with bright colored countertops instead of dark ones.

Save with DIY Projects. There are paint methods that replicate marble or granite countertops. You can also apply a marble pattern contact paper to your counters. These methods require a bit of patience and precision, but are well worth it to save on some budget costs.

Style and Accessorize. Your kitchen is a great place to experiment and think outside of the box for styling. Try using a vintage vessel for wooden utensils or place a favorite art piece against a backsplash. Use a decorative tray to group together key cooking items like a salt cellar, mortar and pestle, and your best bottle of olive oil. An espresso machine is always a good styling piece, while a vase filled with fresh blooms never hurts. 


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