how to install gasland be158b gas hot water heater

How to install GASLAND BE158B gas hot water heater

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Warm Tips for our GASLAND gas hot water heaters:

√ 1、When install the water heater please do not over tighten the connectors and pipes to prevent it from bursting and leaking.
√ 2、The exhaust and top will get hot, please check around area for flammables, especially gasoline or other vapors which may ignite. Please make sure there are no foreign objects around the portable tankless water heater or have fallen into the top.
√ 3、A gas leak detection is needed before use and please do not use flame for leak detection. Soapy solution, gas detectors, etc. are recommended to detect leaks.
√ 4、Please use only liquid propane as fuel and use it in a well-ventilated place.
√ 5、Please make sure there is enough water pressure. If the water pressure is below 15 kPa, the water heater cannot be ignited.
√ 6、If the outside temperature is around or below freezing(0℃/32℉), please ensure to drain out the water after each use to avoid internal damage to the heat exchanger.
√ 7、This water heater is not suitable for high altitude areas over 3300 feet and strong wind conditions.


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