how to install a built in induction cooktop

How to Install a Built-in Induction Cooktop

Have you bought a new induction cooktop and want to install it by yourself? It is well-known that the installation process of all the appliances differs from model to model. So, if you are not getting the proper understanding from the manual book then you must consider the instructions like this article.

Well, it is not that difficult but a little tricky task to do. Let’s discuss how to install a built-in induction cooktop in detail!

What should be considered, while choosing a built-in induction cooktop?

To properly install the built-in induction cooktop in its position, you have to refer to the Installation Guide steps given below:

1. Check Minimum Clearance

When you consider assembling an induction cooktop then you have to make sure it has enough support from explosive material. You have to check this from above, below, and on all sides of it.

2. Initial Requirements

To begin, make a drawing of the product's dimensions related to the installation parameters. It will assist you in obtaining accurate measurements before installation.

After that, you must determine the bottom dimension of the induction cooktop by measuring the hole size in the kitchen counter. You must ensure that the inside of the stove is well ventilated. Also, you must keep in mind that the induction cooker's cooling fan is not jammed.

3. Installing The Induction Cooktop

After that, you have to install the induction cooktop into the holed counter carefully..

4. Right Size Of The Cooker

After installing a built-in induction cooktop, you have to choose the right cooker for your induction cooktop. Induction cookware must be compatible with the cooker. Additionally, there must be magnetic cookware with a diameter of 12 to 28cm.


All that is described in this article is about how to install a built-in induction cooktop with all the simple steps.You can read the instructions and get to know how you can be an expert to install an induction hob. Also, Some products are recommended in this article for you to make a wise decision.

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