How to Daily Clean and Maintain Your Range Hood?

How to Daily Clean and Maintain Your Range Hood?

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The range hood is an essential kitchen appliance in the modern family, with the ability to exhausting cooking smoke and odor, and the harm to the human body can be greatly reduced. However, many people ignored the maintenance of the range hood. Daily maintenance of your GASLAND range hood is very necessary. It just needs a simple cleaning after using; the service life of the range hood can be extended and keep the kitchen clean. So how to maintain the range hood after use can prolong its service life; let's get some tips about the daily maintenance of the range hood.

  1. Clean the range hood after using

After daily use of the range hood, it is necessary to clean it in time to keep the exterior of the range hood clean. After each cooking, let the range hood run for an additional 1-2 minutes to extract the cooking smoke, carbon monoxide, and vapor remaining in the air. And after cooking, while the range hoodΒ is still warm, get a clean, soft cloth or a soft cloth dipped in a neutral detergent, and wipe the exterior of the range hoodΒ with it. It can easily wipe off the oil stains on the range hood; remember to clean it every day after use and reduce the grease and oil stains on the range hood.


  1. Do not disassemble the range hood yourself

Don't do it yourself if you want to disassemble the range hood for cleaning or other purposes. Because once the motor is not installed in the right place, the smoking effect cannot be guaranteed, and the noise will increase. It is best to let the professional do the task. If the motor has run for a long time, to avoid mechanical abrasion and excessive running noise, make an inspection and apply oil to reduce friction once a year.


  1. Reduce the number of dismantling and washing

The range hood should avoid dismantling and washing as much as possible, so choose products with no dismantling and washing design when purchasing.


  1. Keep the kitchen ventilated

In daily use, we need to keep the air circulation in the kitchen, and the range hood should be turned on in advance before cooking to ensure the effect of removing oil fume. Prevent the air forms a negative pressure to ensure the extracting ability of the range hood.


  1. Use neutral detergent

In daily cleaning, use a less corrosive neutral cleaner and warm water to wipe the range hood will make it much easier to clean up the grease.


  1. The Safety in use

If you are away from home or will not use the range hood for a long time, be sure to unplug the range hood. It may cause fire accidents by not pulling the plug for a long time.

Regularly check the power supply and wiring of the range hood. If the power cord of the range hood is found to be damaged, you should replace the power cord in time. When purchasing the power cord, use a dedicated, flexible cord or go to the repair center to purchase the professional components to replace it.



In the daily use of range hood, we should pay attention to understanding the proper cleaning and maintenance skills for better effect. I hope these tips can provide useful references for daily maintenance and cleaning your GASLAND range hood.


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