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Ceramic vs. Induction Cooktop: A Comprehensive Comparison

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A Cooktop is an essential appliance in every modern kitchen, providing the right surface for a range of popular dishes and new culinary creations. Both ceramic and induction hobs are popular appliances, and while these devices may look similar, they are actually quite different.

What is an Ceramic Cooktop? 

Ceramic cooktops are smooth top appliances with coiled metal heating elements under tempered ceramic glass. When cooking, these elements are heated electrically and transfer heat to selected areas, or "burners," on the stovetop.


What is an Induction Cooker? 

Induction hobs also have smooth ceramic surfaces, but these units use powerful high-frequency electromagnets to generate heat. These magnets sit just below the surface of the utensil and react with the bottom of your iron, steel or magnetic stainless steel cookware to generate heat. A stovetop only produces heat when it's turned on and the correct pot or pan is placed on its burners, which means you're less likely to accidentally burn yourself while cooking.


How to choose ceramic hob and induction hob

Choosing the right stove is crucial to enhancing your cooking experience in the kitchen. Do you still have questions, what is the difference between a ceramic hob and an induction hob? In order to solve this question in your mind, and to help you better choose your favorite products, we have launched two excellent products from Gasland Chef: CH77BF Ceramic Cooktop and IH77BF Induction Cooktop, both of which are designed to fit the same size and meet different cooking needs. Let's compare the advantages of the CH77BF ceramic hob and the IH77BF induction hob to help you make an informed choice based on your cooking needs.

Both the CH77BF Ceramic Hob and the IH77BF Induction Hob feature four cooking zones and nine heat settings, each with individual touch controls. The difference is that the heating speed of the induction cooker is much faster than that of the electric ceramic cooker, and the energy transmission loss of the electric ceramic cooker is smaller, which means that it is more energy-saving than the induction cooker, and due to the different heating methods, the electric ceramic cooker can adapt to all appliances, while the induction cooker is only suitable for iron, stainless steel, and alloy cookware.

In addition to these two models, Gasland Chef also offers a variety of other stoves for consumers to choose from. Each model has been carefully designed to suit different preferences and cooking requirements, allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

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High-quality cooktops for the modern home kitchen
Ultimately, the choice between ceramic and induction hobs comes down to your specific needs and priorities. Ceramic cooktops are an excellent choice if you value versatility and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, if you like fast heating, energy savings, and enhanced safety features, then induction hobs are the best option for you.

Explore Gasland Chef's full range and enhance your kitchen with quality appliances that make cooking a pleasure. Whether you choose ceramic or induction, Gasland Chef has the perfect cooktop for your culinary journey.

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