a dangerous mistake to avoid on glass stovetops

A Dangerous Mistake to Avoid on Glass Stovetops

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Cooktops are not without their dangers. From overcooking and accidental burns, you can be putting yourself at risk without even realizing it. Here’s what you need to know and why you should be safer in the kitchen.

Glass stove tops are becoming increasingly popular for their sleek and seamless appearance. These cooktops match popular kitchen decor and style while also being easy-to-clean. One downside to a glass stovetop is they can crack if you’re not careful. A sudden shift in temperature from cold to hot can create damaging effects. For example, think of putting a hot pan under cold water, this creates steam because of the temperature shift. It can also cause warping in pans because it moves from a higher temperature to a lower one. A stovetop is no exception to this. Avoid putting a hot lid face-down on a glass stovetop.

A hot lid on a stovetop can create a seal between the two surfaces. The hot air gets trapped as it rises creating a push-and-pull effect which can damage the surface and even break under added pressure. This can also occur with cold lids as well, it all depends on the difference in temperature. Check your stovetop regularly to ensure it is cooking consistently and there are no electrical problems. If you find any issues it’s a good investment to seek out a service professional to avoid unnecessary risks.To make your GASLAND kitchen more safe.


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